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Herbal Incense 12 Pack Variety Blend Herbal Incense Code Black Incense for sale in Irvine, CA buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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Herbal Incense 12 Pack Variety Blend Herbal Incense Code Black Incense You will receive a 12 pack of our Variety Blend: each box contains 12 three (3) gram containers of Straight, Mango, Pineapple, Berry, Melon, Strawberry. At Code Black Incense, we know nothing complements potent, super natural incense with amazing aromas. And when it comes to the herbs we use, we feel that fresh is simply the only way to go. After all, incense is only as good as the plant it comes from. That s why we only use the freshest plants we can find and deliver them fresh to our manufacturer for the final touch before it reaches you. Please visit our site for more information: or contact us directly at: (949) 444-CODE(2633) Browse our catalog to find an extensive inventory of distinct and exotic aromatic intense herbal incense and potpourri. We currently offer the following incense blends: PLUS: Plus is the richer, more robust and more potent relative of the straight blend. Plus Incense is everything that an extraordinary herbal incense should be. It is a very relaxing incense, one that can even put you to sleep if you're not careful. However, if you are inclined to stay awake, this incense has the capacity to help you achieve a state of pseudo zen. MENTHE: Menthe is reminiscent of menthol, with a well known cooling sensation. Menthe is a euphoric and calming blend created for your aromatic pleasure. MANGO: The organ tinted Mango blend does its job of creating a state of tranquility. It offers a fruity, tropical blend that includes exotic mango. Mango incense delivers a fresh, summery and fun scent. MELON: This blend resembles the smell of Starburst Candy. This incense is soft, fruity, tranquil, and grants a sense of well-being. STRAWBERRY: This blend has red tinged herbs that release a very pleasant, almost fruity pebble-like aroma. Strawberry incense is smile-producing, and mouth-watering. This incense leaves you with perfection and pleasure. BERRY: This incense is filled with a blend of herbs that deliver a succulent scent that justifies the name. Berry uses only the highest quality fragrances that insures that it stays fresh and smells the same in the container as it does when it burns. PINEAPPLE: This incense offers a pleasant aroma that features the sweet and fruity scent of tropical pineapple. This blend is calming and slightly fruity. Keywords: Herbal Incense, Herbal blends, potent herbal incense, Aromatherapy, Potpourri, Herbs, Aroma, Code Black Incense, wholesale, codeblackincense. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist